confession of my current obsession

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lights……… my current obsession.  actually its been a constant 9 months.  the first thing i bought for the villa from the local vintage shop was a ceiling pendent light. truthfully, i had to visit the light, as robert had said “no shopping” until we move in…i tried to explain vintage does not work like that…it’s one off and at anytime someone can come in and then its gone forever. then it becomes… the obsession that got away.   i imagine it in the downstairs cloakroom or over the kitchen table…… we next did a mad dash to Nice France for the monday antique markets..(its a 4 hour drive from the house)  there in the middle of the market was a man…..all he was selling was bedside bloody wonderful.  done and dusted……6 vintage 50’s style bedside lights for 3 of the bedrooms sorted… the villa is still in need of more lights and slowly i seem to be narrowing my wish list down… i will be going to the milan vintage markets along the canal….there is a shop.  he sells some very cool lights. a mix of glass murano and glam modern. will post when bought.